Information regarding the work plans of the Partnership and the Partnership’s vision for the coming years, the dates and schedules for the various programs that are listed on this website, financial resources required to complete the planned actions, and other information contained in this website constitute forward-looking statements as defined in the Securities Act and is based on the estimates of the General Partner and of its consultants at the given time as well as on the plans that have not yet received all the necessary approvals.

These estimates may not be realized or may be realized in a different way due to unexpected delays, failure to obtain all necessary approvals, new information which may be extracted from the analysis of the data collected during the drilling, as a result of actual performance and / or as a result of variety of operational factors related to exploration and production of oil and gas, etc.

It should be emphasized that a well Meged 6 falls under reporting restrictions that apply to the well at the drilling stage to according to the 11th Addition of the Securities Regulations (Periodic and Immediate Reports), 1970.

Description of the activities taking place at the Meged 5, 6 oil wells is intended for the illustrative purposes only. The unit-holders are thus referred to the full report in accordance with section 9 of the Periodic Report dated 31.3.2014 (annual report) and to the ongoing reports of the partnership.

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