Tax Deduction in Israel

Tax Deduction in Israel (in Hebrew) for 2014 Tax Deduction in Israel (in Hebrew) for 2013 Tax Deduction in Israel

Stock information

Investors are referred to the TA Stock Exchange where Givot Olam Partnership investment information can be found (in Hebrew). Click

General Explanations

Givot Olam is almost uniqe among Israeli oil exploration companies, in that it is not based on massive investment of

Financial Reports

Q3 2016 Quarterly financial report (Hebrew) Q2 2016 Quarterly financial report (Hebrew) Q1 2016 Quarterly financial report (Hebrew) Annual financial


NSAI reserves report dated 31.12.2013 NSAI Meged 5 reserves report dated 31.8.2013 NSAI reserves report dated 31.12.2012 NSAI reserves report


Information regarding the work plans of the Partnership and the Partnership’s vision for the coming years, the dates and schedules

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