One of the challenges in the energy industry is dealing with ever-evolving environmental regulations, aiming for reduction in environmental impacts and finding economical and green solutions for every issue during the course of oil and gas exploration and production.

The Partnership deals with the challenge by working together with the relevant regulatory and environmental agents, to find a golden mean by which the Meged field can be developed in an environmentally aware and responsible manner.

As part of this process, Givot Olam invests significant resources to purchase and implement in its sites the best technologies available in order to contribute to protection of the environment. In addition, Givot Olam has an Environmental Department to ensure conformance with regulatory requirements, to perform internal environmental audits.

Despite the expected growth in the oil and gas production in the coming years, the Partnership will aim to reduce environmental impacts, by means of energy efficiency and reduction of the environmental footprint of operational areas, among other means.

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