Meged 5 site

The Meged 5 well, located in the South-Eastern portion of the Rosh Ha’Ayin Lease I/11was drilled in 2009 to a depth of 4700m.

With the completion of drilling, the well was stimulated to enhance deliverability of the hydrocarbons from the reservoir via natural fractures.

Meged 5 well draws from a hydrocarbon bearing reservoir composed of 8 zones. The deepest zone, Zone 1, is at a depth of 4700m, and the shallowest zone, Zone 8 is at a depth of 4000m.

Meged 5 well has been producing continuously and commercially since June 2011, and is in the long-term testing phase. Currently Meged 5 is producing from just one zone, Zone 8b. The production rate was initially 800 barrels per day, and has been declining to the current rate of 400 barrels per day.

The oil is produced to the surface continuously and automatically, and continues over Shabbat and Holidays, in accordance with Rabbinic authorization of Rabbi Adin Shteinsaltz Shlita and the Tzomet Institute.

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